SHORT RUN. LIMITED EDITION. BIG FEELINGS ODE is a unisex collection from Vancouver, BC, Canada.  - Founder Katrina Jones is excited you're here. She wants nothing more than to share her vision, her collection, her passion, with you.  - Mostly recycled, up-cycled and saved from landfills, the ODE collection comes from Katrina's passion for curating pre-loved clothing and being kind to our planet.  -  After wading through a very challenging year of her life, Katrina wants nothing more than to do what makes her feel excited. To share her vision through ODE's pre-loved collection, to print meaningful sayings on up-cycled shirts, and share her too hard to contain feelings with the world.  - Welcome to planet ODE. Please stay as long...

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EMAIL : info@odeapparel.com SNAIL MAIL: PO Box 98858 The W PO Vancouver, BC V6B 0M4

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GENERAL INFO What is ODE? Short run. Limited Edition. Big Feelings.  ODE is a unisex collection created in Vancouver, BC offering both an original, printed, up-cycled collection and a pre-loved/vintage collection.  -You’re selling new stuff, old stuff, printed stuff, vintage stuff, I don’t get it?We sell two separate collections under the ODE umbrella. Our ODE original collection and our pre-loved/vintage collection.  -How eco-friendly are you?We believe in environmental responsibility. This means we make the most sustainable decisions we can. Most of the time, we're printing on secondhand, upcycled items, we use what would otherwise be discarded fabrics, etc. However, sometimes, the most responsible decision we can make means using new, unworn items. We always try to make the most sustainable choice possible. - GARMENT INFO...

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